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Whole-Hearted Leaders, develop whole-heartedness in others. And in a world where connection across cultures is the norm leaders need a global mindset.


PMCG's programmes develop Whole-Hearted Quantum Leaders

  • Understand The Skills Of Whole-Hearted Quantum Leaders

  • Examine The Transformational Qualities Of Courage, Love, Authenticity, Synchronicity, Source, Intention And Commitment And Assess Themselves Against These Qualities

  • Understand The Qualities Of The Global Leader Of The Future

  • Clarify The Power Of Synchronicity To Increase The Effectiveness Of Their Decision Making

  • Recognise The Role Of The Physical Heart To Impact Coherent Executive Performance

  • Apply Whole-Hearted Leadership And Synchronicity To Current Life And Organizational Issues 

  • Clarify The Meaning Of Love In Leadership And Organisations

  • Assess Their Current Comfort Level With Love And How To Expand It

  • Identify Situations That Are Problematic Because Fear And Anger Dominate

  • Clarify How Servant Leadership And Love Can Drive Engagement

  • Develop A Presence Where Love Is Visible

  • Develop A Love Enhancement Strategy

  • Understand coaching and the role it plays in people and business development

  • Be familiar with expectations of managers in the area of coaching

  • Have a clear understanding of coaching competencies

  • Assess themselves against these competencies and determine their own coaching strengths and development needs

  • Establish a positive coaching relationship with members of their team

  • Motivate their team to improved levels of performance individually and as a team

  • Achieve a level of coaching skill to become PMCG Certified Coaches

  • Develop the skills and attitude to lead their own career

  • Develop a clear understanding of their long term future career aspirations

  • Assess and Understand their strengths/development needs against the 4 key self leadership competencies

  • Clarify how to begin the process of bridging the gap between current

  • strengths/development needs and their career aspirations

  • Be taken seriously by those from other cultures

  • Make the sale with those from other cultures

  • Avoid costly cross-cultural mistakes

  • Improve positive teamwork with those from other cultures

  • Measure your current Global Cultural Intelligence

  • Identify how GCQ boosts profitability

  • Improve business results by enhancing cultural co-operation

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