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Quantum Science


Synchronistic Team Miracles 

When seeking to achieve a goal the leader and team effort is important. What is not so often acknowledged is that success also comes in unusual ways. When talking to teams I often hear things like “out of the blue” events happened’ “things just fell into place”, “the right person turned up at the right time”, or “unexpected funds appeared at the last minute”. Whilst these type of events are generally called luck, coincidence fate or an answer to prayer, there now exists scientific explanations from the fields of quantum mechanics, heart science and holography that may help us understand what happens.


Research by Dr R. Bradley reports that when pursuing a strongly believed in goal “energetic resonance between the person and the object establishes a two-way quantum holographic communication channel”. Which simply means that there is an enhanced connection between you and the goal you wish to attract into your life, which can create “synchronistic miracles”. What is needed is a clear vision of what you want and the strong “feeling” intention. The good news is that when you are working with aligned coherent team the attention process is amplified.

Synchronistic Team Miracles - Holographic Communication Channel

Tips on how to strengthen your team’s

“Holographic Communication Channel”


Clear intention is necessary to attract your goal



Let your intention have as much heart feeling as it does brain logic. The heart sends more messages to the brain than the brain does to the heart, which suggests that it plays a major role in guiding the brain and nervous system. 



Listen to and follow the small voice that goes beyond Logic.



Watch out for things just turning up in your environment – especially unusual things that you don’t normally see. These can sometimes come from the life force that attracts events and people to give you just what we need just when we need it.

(Quantum-holographic theory of nonlocal communication - Bradley R., 2006)  

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