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Reconciling Differences in the 21st Century



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In today’s world multi-cultural workplaces it is commonplace that we work with those who are from a different race, religion, ethnicity or country. Whilst needing to understand and respect difference we need also to learn what joins us together beyond our differences.

In such an environment we need to:


  • Understand, Respect and Reconcile Differences Between Cultures

  • Practice Skills That Build Peace And Collaboration With Other Cultures

  • Strengthen Our Common Humanity

  • Build Team Success Though Enhanced Global Cultural Intelligence


The consequence of not doing so mean that we don’t get taken seriously, damage collaborative teamwork and so damage business results. More than just being aware of cultural differences we need to proactively work with other cultures to reconcile differences. 


Developing Global Cultural Intelligence (GCQ), is the difference between success and failure in 21st century global organisations. 


  • Reconcilitation Across Cultures

  • Global Cultural Intelligence: How It Builds Success

  • Culture, Identity And Diversity

  • National Cultural Identity: Where Does It Come From And Who Am I Beyond My Culture?

  • Cultural Difference In The Workplace And What We Share In Common

  • Leadership And Culture

  • Negotiating, Selling And Cultural Values

  • Success In Multi-Cultural Teams


Participants will:

  • Learn how to reconcile differences

  • Be taken seriously by those from other cultures

  • Clarify our differences as well as what we have in common

  • Build collaboration with other cultures

  • Avoid costly cross-cultural mistakes

  • Improve positive teamwork with those from other cultures

  • Assess current personal global cultural intelligence.

  • Identify how GCQ boosts profitability and success


The GCQ profile is based Philip Merry’s 37 years of cross cultural work in 59 countries, enabling you to compare your view of your GCQ with the view of colleagues, identifying strengths and gaps for improvement. Made up of 4 capabilities: Detective, Auditor, Reconciler and Connector the GCQ profile not only helps you understand cultural issues but also helps you with the interpersonal skills needed to deal with those cultural situations. GCQ is a holistic model which has practical usefulness in day to day leadership, selling and team situations.


Methods include: profile interpretation and coaching, interactive and experiential exercises, individual reflection, group discussions, simulations, role-plays. The workshop will be highly practical with a mixture of short content inputs and exercises focused on participant needs. Individual and group exercises will facilitate appreciation of culture's influence on influencing, selling and teamwork behaviour. Business case studies and dilemmas drawn from participants and from Philip Merry's 37 years cross cultural consulting experience in 59 countries help ground the learning.


  • Leaders wishing to have reconcile cultural differences

  • Anyone selling or marketing across cultures

  • Members of multi-cultural project teams

  • Executives preparing to work in another culture

  • Anyone wishing to avoid costly cross-cultural mistakes


Philip Merry - CEO/Founder of Singapore's PMCG, Philip has conducted projects with global organisations for 31 years in 61 countries helping assess culture's influence on teamwork, performance, conflict, JV's, leadership, partnership and bottom line success. Clients comment on his ability to help groups discuss sensitive inter-cultural and business issues. Philip has trained hundreds of people across the globe from major MNC’s in cross-cultural skills. Philip is a Certified Trompenaars/Hampden-Turner trainer; Certified Cultural Intelligence trainer; Senior Facilitator for the United Nations; Global Faculty Duke Corporate Education; Visiting Faculty Lee Kuan Yew Institute of Policy Studies; Visiting Fellow Roffey Park; Singapore Sole Representative - Belbin Team Roles; Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Coach; Appreciative Inquiry Certified; Author “The Search for Singapore's Happiest People” and a one time London taxi driver

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