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The 9 Keys of Synchronicity: Unique PhD Research:

Available only through PMCG

PMCG CEO, Philip Merry, is the only person to complete PhD grounded theory research in Synchronicity and Leadership. Fascinated by the number of times he observed synchronicity happening in his own life and in the lives of others he wanted to examine the phenomenon more deeply.


On examination he found that although synchronicity was mentioned in the personal domain, there was very little reference to synchronicity in the leadership domain and no grounded theory PhD research at all. That helped him decide on his PhD topic: Leadership and Synchronicity.


Through fieldwork with global leaders and extensive examination of literature from varied domains including leadership, quantum physics, biology, sociology, psychology, spirituality and organisational transformation, his findings confirm that synchronicity does in fact happen in the work place and helps leaders, teams and organisations transform their results.


Philip’s findings (available nowhere else in the world) are shared in PMCG leadership and team workshops to help you and your team achieve the outcomes you desire, they include:


  1. The 9 Keys of Synchronicity

  2. Clarifying the meaning of synchronicity

  3. Factors that seem to facilitate synchronicity and hence accelerate openness to synchronicity

  4. Synchronicity Process: steps that can help to maximise synchronicity success

  5. Sustaining a Life of Synchronicity: how to continue to be open to synchronicity

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