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About PMCG

PMCG (Philip Merry Consulting Group Pte Ltd) is a Singapore Global Leadership Consulting
Company and we are leading global experts in:


  • Synchronicity, Intuition and Leadership

  • Whole-Hearted Quantum Leadership

  • Whole-Hearted Quantum Teams

  • Global Cultural Intelligence

Our Mission

We Work with Whole-Hearted Quantum
Leaders and  Whole-Hearted Quantum
Teams to Create Synchronistic Miracles,
that help Build Partnership, Peace and Prosperity between Cultures

Our programs are based on the principle that the role of the whole-hearted leader and the team is to set a stage where “synchronistic miracles” can occur and where people can become their best authentic self.

Conceptual Models

Our staff have been developing Global Leaders and Teams for 37 years in 59 countries and are known as specialists in helping leaders and teams lead with their whole heart. Our workshops use well researched models which include:

  1. 2017 PhD proprietary research into Synchronicity and Leadership which integrates ideas from Quantum Physics, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Neurology, Complexity Science Quantum-Holography, Spirituality, Systems Thinking Adult Learning and Leadership. PMCG are the only company in the world who utilise this research.

  2. Appreciative Inquiry

  3. Institute of HeartMath Heart Coherence

  4. Belbin Team Role Theory

  5. Global Cultural Intelligence

  6. Quantum Holography and Quantum Mechanics

  7. Spiritual Intelligence

Kathy Ngan: Business Manager
Normala Shamsudun: Director Coaching Services
Dr Philip Merry: CEO


PMCG focus is always on the real current issues faced by organisations, teams and leaders and our workshops seek to ensure that participants leave with answers to those current issues. To achieve this we:

  1. Are respectful in our approach to diversity in all its forms

  2. First get clear about the outcomes our clients want to achieve when working with us

  3. Ensure that all our interventions (Workshop, Coaching, Organisational Development) are designed around those outcomes

  4. Use a participatory approach with ongoing checks that participants are involved and learning

  5. Help participants solve real current issues

  6. Set a climate which encourages people to be their whole-hearted authentic selves

  7. Foster partnership between heart and head

  8. Allow plenty of time for FUN, FOOD, RELATIONSHIPS and REFLECTION

Operating Philosophy

  1. Synchronistic Miracles can be created through Whole-Hearted Engagement

  2. Whole-Hearted Quantum Leaders and Whole-Hearted Quantum Teams transform organisational results and create Synchronistic Miracles

  3. Courage, Love, Authenticity, Source, Synchronicity, Intention and Commitment build Whole-Hearted Quantum Teams and Whole-Hearted QuantumLeaders

  4. Whole-Hearted Quantum Leaders and Whole-Hearted QuantumTeams help organisations face today's global complex world with Confidence and a sense of Possibility

  5. Whole-Hearted Quantum Leaders and Whole-Hearted Quantum Teams build Partnership, Peace and Prosperity between Cultures

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