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Meet Philip Merry


For over 30 years in 63 countries Dr Philip Merry has helped people uncover hidden possibilities that have transformed their lives and organisations

  • Discover the Power of Synchronicity

  • Explore Possibilities via Quantum Entanglement 

  • Boost Creative Decision Making 

  • Build Brain & Heart Coherence  

  • Develop Intuitive Muscle

  • Build Extraordinary Teams



  • PhD in Synchronicity and Leadership 

  • MSc in Business Research Methods

  • CSP and Global Speaking Fellow

  • Master Trainer: Team Profiling

Philip Merry in action at the HR Convention in 2017

Download Philip's CV:

What Others Say

Philip works with Global MNC’s and Governments and is consultant to the United Nations Organisations comment on his:


  • High level of skill when helping leaders and teams enhance their ability to understand and work with “people” issues that are impacting business results

  • Establishing a learning climate where people from different cultures feel comfortable to discuss sensitive interpersonal and business issues.

  • Practical approach which ensures workshops are tailored to deal with participant’s current issues

  • Ability to inspire people to find solutions for both business and personal issues

  • Expertise is in adapting his methods to work in all industries and cultures. 

Industry Experience

Philip is an independent consultant and has also had various in-company roles which have helped him see first hand the day to day issues and pressures faced by leaders and teams:


  • Director of Organizational Development for Reuters Asia

  • Director Asia Leadership Development Division for Reuters Asia

  • Leadership Advisor to the Sri Lankan Education Ministry

  • Assistant Director of Management Studies at Roffey Park Leadership Institute

  • Manager of Leadership Development Unit for a London Borough 

31 Years Living and Consulting in Asia 

Philip has lived in Asia for over 31 years (Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives), and conducted training in every Asian country. He is originally from the UK, where for 8 years he practiced as a certified Family and Marital Counsellor. He was also at one time a London taxi driver. 

Philip works as executive coach, facilitator, trainer and consultant with leading organizations such as: Government Investment Corporation of Singapore, BASF, Citi, Consultative Group International Agricultural Research, Credit Suisse, Danida, Deutsche Bank, GE, GM, HP, Jotun, Lend Lease, Merrill Lynch, Nokia, Pepsi Cola, Petronas, Shell, Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs, World Bank.

Awards and Partners

  • Global Speaking Fellow: Global Leadership Federation (Global speaking award awarded to only 31 people)

  • Faculty Member: Duke University Global Learning Resource Network

  • Leadership Consultant: Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Singapore

  • Visiting Fellow: Bristol University

  • Visiting Fellow: Roffey Park Leadership Institute

  • Global Leadership Faculty: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, East West Centre University of Hawaii and Leicester University


PhD in Leadership and Synchronicity, Tilburg , MSc in Business Research Methods from Henley Business School, BA Manchester University. Post-graduate diplomas in Social Science, Self-Managed Learning


HeartMath Facilitator, Cultural Intelligence Consultant, Belbin Team Roles Trainer of Trainers & Belbin Regional Representative, Appreciative Inquiry, Global Leader of the Future & Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach, Trompenaars Hampden-Turner Cross Cultural, Peace Building and Conflict Resolution, Marital and Family therapist, Leadership Versatility, MBTI 


Author:  The 9 Keys  of Synchronicity, Synchronicity & Leadership (PhD Dissertation), 

Search for Singapore’s Happiest People

Global Literacy in Asia Pacific (in HR Strategies in Asia)

Training Guides Designed and Authored: List to be added

Map of where Philip has worked aroun th World
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