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Synchronicity: Whole-Hearted: Quantum: Miracles: are not words you would normally find in the world of organisational development, but at PMCG we have the latest research that can help leaders and teams create mindsets that transform their results.

Synchronicity & Quantum Mechanics


For 300 years the scientific world has been dominated by the Newtonian paradigm that says that humans are separate from each other and that the world is ruled by linear mechanistic thinking. Most leadership and management thinking follows the Newtonian paradigm.


But the quantum revolution in the 20th century changed everything and quantum mechanics revealed that we live in a world where people are essentially energetically entangled. Synchronicity connects us to that quantum world. Planning takes us so far but there are times when synchronicity opens up additional unexpected answers.


Have you noticed how so called meaningful coincidences bring answers to current issues? You bump into a friend you have not seen in a long time and she is just the type of team member you are looking to recruit; you are 

deciding which country to expand into and one country’s name pops up 5 times in a week in different circumstances; you are struggling to develop a product and you sit next to someone on a flight who is an expert on that product.


Synchronicity was made famous by Carl Jung who defined it simply as “an a-causal connecting principle”. Philip Merry in his 2017 PhD research defines it in the following way, 


“Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence (or coincidences) providing guidance and direction to individuals or groups, which gives a sense of purpose, reassurance, and a feeling of awe.“


It is a topic often reported in private domain but seldom in leadership domain. This does not mean that it does not happen in the workspace, but that it is simply not reported because leaders are worried it may affect their credibility. Those days are over, and Philip Merry has provided the research to show why being open to synchronicity is a crucial leadership and team quality for today’s exciting and complex world.


Openness to Synchronicity is helped if leaders and teams are whole-hearted. Whole-Hearted Leaders and Whole-Hearted Teams engage all their faculties to achieve results. Research in quantum physics and holography tell us that when leaders and teams are “whole-hearted” or fully engaged they are more likely to experience synchronicity and attract success. 

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