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Dr Joe Dispenza


Conducted by NCS Certified Consultant Dr Philip Merry 


Imagine rewiring your brain to become: 

More Creative, less rigid 

More Trusting, less fearful 

More Resilient, less distressed 

More Productive, less distracted 

More Customer centric, less function focused 

More Open to new ideas, less stuck in the past 


CHANGE YOUR MIND...CREATE NEW RESULTS is designed by Dr Joe Dispenza. This interactive event guides participants through a personalized process using Dr Joe's models and tools to change their thinking and create the results they desire.


Participants will receive:

  • CHANGE YOUR MIND...CREATE NEW RESULTS Workbook written by Dr Joe Dispenza.

  • CHANGE YOUR MIND...CREATE NEW RESULTS 30 Days to Genius Journal, a powerful guide for the 30 days following the completion of the course.

  • Audio downloadable files of all videos shown of Dr Joe Dispenza during the course.

  • Audio downloadable files of two meditations shared during the course, for your personal use.


(Workbooks and meditations are not available for purchase at any other course or event.)


Some of the knowledge obtained through this course:

  • What is change?

  • How to implement a simple formula to begin making changes in your life

  • How to think greater than your body

  • How to think greater than your environment

  • How to think greater than time

  • How to move from living in survival to living in creation

  • Understanding your 3 brains that allow you to go from Thinking to Doing to Being and how to access your success “sweet spot”

  • How to change your brainwaves for optimal performance

  • How to design your successful future self

  • How to create your personal 30 days to Genius plan

6 Modules for Change

1. Personality and Change: what constitutes personality and how does it impact the process of change? 

2. How do we Change? the three factors to master in order to open to the process of change. 

3. Living in Survival or Creation? understand the instinctual drives and habits that block change and clarifying how to become more creative. 

4. Our Three Brains and Change: understand how the brain works in order to move from thinking to doing to feeling to master the process of change. 

5. The Waves to your Future: access the optimal patterns of change to ensure sustainable change. 

6. 30 days to Change - Genius Implementation Plan: embed learning in day-today activity to ensure implementation of the change process in yourself, team 

and organisation.  Each participant receives an 80 page training manual and a 94 page journal. 

if you want to break life time habits and create lasting change, then this event is for you.


to register or for more information contact 

9728 0419


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