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“Whole-Hearted” people are "engaged" people. Gallup indicates that a massive 87% of the global workforce are dis-engaged or half hearted. The following PMCG programmes drive engagement by developing Whole-Heartedness at work.

  • Understand the science of synchronicity 

  • Discover the magic of intention

  • Recognise synchronicities that can help you build life & business success

  • Connect the dots and build a more meaningful life

  • Open the doors to possibility that are all around you hidden in plain view

  • Understand and recognize synchronicity when it turns up

  • Boost decision making by Interpreting the bread crumbs of synchronicity.

  • Understand the 9 keys that will help you:

  •    Manifest synchronicity in the day-to-day.

  •    Integrate synchronicity into your life. 

  •    Developing synchronicity mindsets.

  • Clarity on the different types of life influences that have made you who you are today

  • Discover your Authentic self and your AUTHENTIC WHY

  • Clarify how being your true self helps with career and life choices

  • Assess the influences that have made you who you are today

  • Ensure your work career are built around your unique AUTHENTIC WHY

  • Understand what your friends and colleagues see as the authentic you

  • Use your Intuition and be more open to Synchronicity

  • Create a plan to be your AUTHENTIC SELF and live your AUTHENTIC WHY

  • Be clear about the cycle of energy depletion and renewal

  • Practice the art of care and self-care

  • Learn how to develop compassion

  • Practice acceptance and know when and who to ask for help

  • Know the time to listen, to be supportive, and to allow space

  • Develop a gratitude practice

  • Know how to shift to resilience when needed

  • Know how to develop Life/Work Integration that maintains energy

  • Increase the sense of doing engaging work characterized by a profound feeling of well-being, higher purpose, alignment and being authentic

  • Enhance spiritual connection to something larger than self

  • Build sense of community: a feeling of being connected to others in a common purpose

  • Experience the mystical: seen as a positive state of vitality, transcendence, and joy

  • Develop qualities of inspiring leadership

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