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Maximising Energy with Heart Coherence

HeartMath Programme: Available only through PMCG



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Philip Merry at or + 65 9728 0419 



In our fast moving world long work hours, unending social media contact and demands to do “more with less”, result in stress, emotional upheaval and impact our health, personal life and leadership where quality of decision making, collaboration, life enjoyment, employee engagement and productivity suffer.


Strengthening resilience has become an important strategy for improving personal and organizational effectiveness,  productivity and well‐being, and new research on resilience shows how simple heart regulation techniques help us gain more inner poise and clarity. This hands-on session will help you gain clearer thinking and composure helping you and your staff enhance well-being and happiness at work and home.


At the program’s core are easy to learn HeartMath® self‐regulation tools and resilience building practices that help individuals become more physiologically and emotionally balanced. By improving their levels   of internal coherence the workshop will help participants shift to a more  composed state before, during and after challenging or adverse situations.    



  • Optimal performance

  • The nature of resilience

  • The role of emotions in performance and health/our daily emotional landscape

  • Depleting and renewing emotions

  • The physiology of coherence

  • Heart rhythms and how different emotions affect them

  • How emotions drive brain activity into chaos or coherence

  • The impact of relational energetics

  • Powerful techniques to boost performance, resilience and quality of life

  • Demonstration of HeartMath emWave Pro® technology

  • Improving Life/Work Integration


Participants will:

  • Be clear about the cycle of energy depletion and renewal

  • Practice the art of care and self-care

  • Learn how to develop compassion

  • Practice acceptance and know when and who to ask for help

  • Know the time to listen, to be supportive, and to allow space

  • Develop a gratitude practice

  • Know how to shift to resilience when needed

  • Know how to develop Life/Work Integration that maintains energy


Workshop method will be experiential, interactive, responsive and practical and include: creative learning exercises, group discussions and exercises, individual reflection and self-assessment, behavioural feedback from facilitator and peers, short theory inputs. Participants will have  the chance to work with HeartMath coherence technology and observe their own coherence. The workshop is designed to enable participants understand how they view themselves, others perceive them, and master new skills so that they can transfer the learning directly to improving effectiveness in life and work.


Anyone who:

  • Wants to develop life/work balance

  • Needs to build resilience

  • Helps others with managing stress

  • Leaders who need to counsel their staff who work in high stress situations


Philip is an accredited HeartMath facilitator and PMCG is the only company in Singapore licensed to run this cutting edge program. Philip has consulted for 37 years in over 100 cities and in 59 countries as a global leadership trainer, speaker, consultant helping leaders, teams and organisations deal with stress and life/work integration issues and enabling them to thrive in our global multi-cultural environment. In demand as a facilitator - clients comment on his high level of skill when working in situations where difficult interpersonal dynamics are causing stress and impacting business results. Having spent 27 years living and working in Asia Philip is skilled at working with multi-cultural audiences - his clients commend his ability to put people at their ease and establish a learning climate where people from different cultures feel comfortable to discuss sensitive business issues. A Singapore resident since 1990, Philip is a highly experienced leadership and team coach with some of the world's leading organisations. A UK accredited family and marital therapist for 42 years Philip is well equipped to help participants develop the mindsets and tools that help build resilience. 

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