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Creating Synchronistic Miracles in a Quantum World



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Philip Merry at or + 65 9728 0419 




In this workshop Philip will share how you can take advantage of “Synchronicity” to raise your game in your business and your life. In your life have you attracted events and people that are just what you need and which seem to come out of the blue? 

Luck? Chance? Coincidence? 

But what if they were more than that? What if they were messages just for you from an energy that wants to help you to be the best you can be in life?  Research in quantum physics, biology, and psychology shows that we can connect with fields of energy that are literally answer key questions in your life. 

This workshop presents a new and comprehensive model of the Synchronicity. Based on Philip Merry’s book The 9 Keys of Synchronicity and his original PhD grounded theory research on what facilitates synchronicity you will learn how to set the stage for synchronicity to come calling in your life.



  • Understand the science of synchronicity 

  • Discover the magic of intention

  • Recognise synchronicities that can help you build life & business success

  • Connect the dots and build a more meaningful life

  • Open the doors to possibility that are all around you hidden in plain view

  • Understand and recognize synchronicity when it turns up

  • Boost decision making by Interpreting the bread crumbs of synchronicity.

  • Understand the 9 keys that will help you

    • Manifest synchronicity in the day-to-day.

    • Integrate synchronicity into your life.

    • Developing synchronicity mindsets.


Workshop method will be experiential, interactive, responsive and practical and include: creative learning exercises, group discussions and exercises, individual reflection and self-assessment, behavioural feedback from facilitator and peers, short theory inputs. The workshop is designed to enable participants to understand how they view themselves, others perceive them, and master new skills so that they can transfer the learning directly to improving effectiveness in life and work.



Anyone who:

  • Wants to clarify how to shift from half-hearted to Whole-Hearted engagement

  • Would like to understand how synchronicity and intuition work

  • Listens to their heart but wants to understand its role at work

  • Is an Executive Leader who wants to accelerate their engagement



Philip Merry is CEO/Founder of Singapore's Philip Merry Consulting Group helps leaders access the power of the heart and self-leadership for personal and business transformation. He has conducted leadership and team projects with global organizations for 42 years in 63 countries, boosting mindsets that grow inter-cultural co-operation and optimise personal excellence. Senior facilitator with United Nations and Duke Corporate Education, Regional Representative Belbin Team Roles, Marshall Goldsmith Coach, Appreciative Inquiry Certified, HeartMath certified, Philip is author of The Search for Singapore's Happiest People, and one-time London taxi driver. He is is the only person to do grounded theory PhD research in Synchronicity and Leadership and the power of the Heart, and this programme is built on that research.

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