"The brilliance of the 9 Keys of Synchronicity lies not only in being written with so much ease and remarkable clarity but that it will cause you to look into your own life's mirror and to realise the vast potentials that are incredibly within your grasp." DAVID COPERRIDER PhD

"In this beautiful book, Philip Merry expertly and gently helps you understand and enhance your capacity for noticing, opening, and appreciating synchronicity in your life. The 9 Keys of Synchronicity is a fun, engaging, and meaningful book!" RYAN M. NIEMIEC, PSY.D.

"Philip's brilliant book doesn’t only give a solid overview of the main synchronicity thinkers and their theories but also 9 keys towards practical applications. A must-read in these revolutionary times." DR FONS TROMPENAARS

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"In The 9 Keys of Synchronicity, Philip combines Ph.D. field research, cutting edge scientific ideas and authentic stories, which make synchronicity abundantly clear and worthwhile to anyone who reads it, enabling them to thrive by taking advantage of life’s divine coincidences." DR MEREDITH BELBIN 

The 9 Keys of Synchronicity

  • The 9 Keys of Synchronicity will be published in June 2022. Based on Philip Merry's PhD research "The 9 Keys" contains unique ideas from cutting edge science coupled with authentic synchronicity stories to help answer the question "What Facilitates Synchronicity"?


  • All of us have had times when things fall into place, when answers to life’s questions come from out of the blue without rhyme or reason. These fortuitous events, called synchronicity by psychiatrist Carl Jung, are the focus of this book by global team consultant Philip Merry PhD. 


  • Dr Merry’s research with global leaders and on his 40 years consulting experience in 62 countries the 9 Keys of Synchronicity is an inspirational guide on how to benefit from life’s coincidences. Written with heart and head and integrating science with new and original stories, the 9 Keys reveal a unique and comprehensive model which will help you set the stage for synchronicity to come calling. 


  • Synchronicity happens all the time to all of us, but we often don’t see it even though it may be staring us in the face. Dr Merry’s unique and brand-new ground-breaking model based on PhD research and the latest science will help you recognize and harness the power of synchronicity to build a meaningful and successful life, and in the process become more of your authentic self by doing what you were put on this earth to do. 


  • The 9 Keys of Synchronicity will help you:


  1. ​Understand the science of synchronicity 

  2. Discover the magic of intention

  3. Recognise how synchronicities help with personal & business success

  4. Connect the dots and understand how to build a meaningful life

  5. Open doors to possibilities that are all around you hidden in plain view

  6. How to recognize synchronicity when it turns up

  7. Boost decision making timely use of head AND heart

  8. Understand the 9 keys to help you:

  • Manifest synchronicity in the day-to-day. 

  • Integrate synchronicity into your life

  • Developing synchronicity mindsets.

Benefits of Synchronicity

• Recognise Possibilities 

• Boost Decision Making 

• Find Creative Answers 

• Enhance Brain AND Heart Partnership

• Develop Intuitive Muscle


Philip Merry PhD

  • A global team and leadership consultant and is trusted advisor and partner with many well-known global organisations.

  • Owner and founder of Singapore’s Philip Merry Consulting Group Pte Ltd, Philip has over forty years experience of conducting learning events in sixty-three countries. 

  • A leading cross-cultural team coach Philip has accredited over 200 international team facilitators in team coaching and the Belbin Profiling system and has been a regional representative for Belbin Team Roles since 1995. 


  • A certified HeartMath, NeuroChangeSolutions, and Appreciative Inquiry facilitator, Philip is a keynote speaker, a CSP (Certified Professional Speaker), and a GSF (Global Speaking Professional)—one of only thirty-seven people worldwide to earn this title. 


  • The organiser of Asia’s first Happiness Conference, his first book, Simply-Happy, outlines the science of happiness and chronicles the search for Singapore’s happiest people. 


  • A  world leader in the application of the science of synchronicity to leadership, and has developed cutting edge team development strategies for global organisations in Asia, Europe, North and South America and Africa, 


  • Leadership and team consultant with the United Nations for 17 years and has worked in full-time team and leadership development roles with Reuters Asia, the Sri Lankan Youth Ministry, Roffey Park Institute, VSO Maldives, and the London Borough of Brent. 


  • PhD in Synchronicity and Leadership from Tilburg University, an MSc from Henley Business School in Business and Management Research, a BA in English and American Literature from Manchester University, a Diploma in Self-Managed Learning from East London University, a Diploma in Social Science from Middlesex University 


  • Certified in a variety of team and leadership profiling tools as well as being a fellow of Bristol University and Roffey Park Institute. Philip is a certified marriage and family therapist


Philip provides consulting and coaching services in the following: 

  • Synchronicity at Work and Home

  • Team Coaching /Facilitation

  • Accreditation in Team Coaching and Belbin Team Profiling 

  • Cultural Intelligence

  • Appreciative Inquiry and Psychological Safety

  • Global Leadership 

  • Spirituality at Work 

  • LYS, Leading-Your-Self 

  • HeartMath’s “Resilience and Well-Being”, “Dealing with Trauma” 

  • Dr Joe Dispenza’s “Change your Mind – Create New Results”

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             The 9 Keys of Synchronicity

behind every synchronicity is a miracle waiting to happen

Philip Merry PhD