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"Breaking The Silo Mentality"



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Philip Merry at or + 65 9728 0419 




The success of any organisation lies in its ability to win and retain clients and customers, and every department and individual serves this overriding goal. But with so many people from different cultures and departments involved in tendering for and designing solutions for customers, there is often misunderstanding and miscommunication between those who need to work together, often with disastrous consequences.


This intensive business simulation workshop based on Philip Merry Consulting Group’s 27 years consulting in 59 countries enables multi-cultural teams to sell and serve their successfully to their clients.


  • How to sell relationhips, responsivieness and integrity as well as products

  • Going beyond Silo Mentality

  • Human issues of managing a project:

  • Team Dynamics

  • the 4 development phases of teams

  • dynamics of teams

  • team mapping and selection

  • the 9 team role styles

  • building good project teams

  • Consulting, Leadership and Management skills

  • leadership styles

  • consulting skills

  • selecting team members

  • managing performance

  • motivation and empowerment

  • managing conflict

  • Cultural Differences

  • what is culture

  • major cultural differences

  • impact of culture on project success

  • communication and teamwork across cultures



The workshop will enable participants to:


  • Achieve more success in selling and re-selling to customers

  • Talk to customers about solutions to meet THEIR needs

  • Choose the best people to interface with customers

  • Manage the pressure of preparing for and presenting to customers

  • Understand key skills to build successful account teams

  • Focus on the key issues that win business

  • Understand strategic “damage repair” when mistakes are made

  • Practice creative thinking for competitive advantage by going the extra mile

  • Understand important issues when presenting to customers from different cultures 



The main workshop mentod will be simulation of actual projects. Participants will work in project teams and deal with client’s specific proposals, and the problems that come in the life of the project. These problems will reflect the main human and inter-cultural issues when selling to customers. Other methods will be experiential, interactive, responsive and practical and include: creative learning exercises, group discussions and exercises, individual reflection and self assessment, behavioural feedback from facilitator and peers, short theory inputs. The workshop is designed to enable participants to understand how they view themselves, others perceive them, and master new skills so that they can transfer the learning directly to improving effectiveness in life and work.



Anyone who:

  • Needs to sell more effectively across cultures

  • Would like to break down silo mentality in organisations

  • Leaders or teams who need to drive better teamwork when selling


Philip is an accredited HeartMath facilitator and Global Leadership Academy is the only company in Singapore licensed to run this cutting edge program. Philip has consulted for 37 years in over 100 cities and in 59 countries as a global leadership trainer, speaker, consultant helping leaders, teams and organisations deal with stress and life/work integration issues and enabling them to thrive in our global multi-cultural environment. In demand as a facilitator - clients comment on his high level of skill when working in situations where difficult interpersonal dynamics are causing stress and impacting business results. Having spent 27 years living and working in Asia Philip is skilled at working with multi-cultural audiences - his clients commend his ability to put people at their ease and establish a learning climate where people from different cultures feel comfortable to discuss sensitive business issues. A Singapore resident since 1990, Philip is a highly experienced leadership and team coach with some of the world's leading organisations. A UK accredited family and marital therapist for 40 years Philip is well equipped to help participants develop the mindsets and tools that help build resilience. 

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