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Please Contact 

Philip Merry at or + 65 9728 0419 


Philip is often asked to facilitate conferences and retreats of all shapes and sizes, from top teams of 5 to whole divisional treats of 300. And it is something that our clients tell us we excel in:

“While facilitating a team retreat for a new branch of UN Environment, Philip inspired us to develop objectives -- both on a personal and group level. Philip has a natural sense of humor, an impressive listening ear, and a repertoire of profound exercises that empower both people and the diverse skills he finds in them. Philip has mastered the art of bringing out the best in people, teams, and leaders. In the end, I felt he made all the dots come together in a miraculous way."

Senior Manager (Name supplied)


Phil was the orchestrator and educator for our Global Leadership Programms responsible 6 events for over 200 people, held in Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai and Istanbul. He was the anchor of the program, and was responsible for building a constructive climate, where people felt comfortable to contribute.  We had representatives from Germany, US, UK, France, Holland, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, India, UAE, Tunisia, South Africa and Turkey. Phil received very strong and positive feedback on his ability to build rapport and connect with people, regardless of cultural background.  He had a particular skill bringing people together, and inspiring them around the topic of leadership, in a way that crossed cultures.  Many of the participants still talk about the magic that Phil was able to weave during the program, and the impactful memories they have of him speaking.

Senior Manager (Name supplied)


Philip Merry was employed by us to facilitate our Team Leadership Building conference. Philip is kind in nature, spoke with passion, communicated effectively to everyone, sensitive to the diverse culture of participants, and bringing much attention to details of relationships within the project structure and process. He was pleasurable to talk and work with, and everybody felt important in the team building activity. He was fair and just, giving equal opportunity to every participant. He was worried, felt concerned, and helped participants to learn and interrelate with the big group effectively regardless of culture, social standing, and rank in the organization.

Senior Manager (Name supplied)

So much is spent on flights and hotels that you want to make sure that the event goes well, and a professional facilitator helps with the following:


  • Helping get clear on outcomes and planning the agenda so they are achieved

  • Preparing the room and building rapport with venue staff

  • Ensuring adequate and appropriate introductory ice-breakers and warm-ups

  • Ensure involvement from different cultures so that one group does not dominate

  • Enabling networking

  • Designing group and team exercises that fit the bill and are fun

  • Monitoring the atmosphere in the room and making changes when necessary

  • Keeping sure external speakers and the whole event keeps to time

  • Adding relevant conceptual input when necessary

  • Ensuring that business goals are met

  • Managing audience involvement by being firm but fun

  • Keeping egos in check

  • Making sure there are personal take-aways



So if you have an upcoming event (big or small) that you want to ensure goes well with goals achieved and involvment from all participants. Give us a call.

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