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Building a Positive Culture of Pyschological Safety for

Whole-Hearted Teams



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Philip Merry at or + 65 9728 0419 




Appreciative Inquiry (AI): AI is the most popular organisational development and change tool in use today. Originated in 1988 by David Cooperrider (Professor at the prestigious Weatherhead School of Management), AI helps us move away from a problem approach to a focus on strengths: it facilitates a move away from a “what’s wrong with me or the situation” attitude to “what’s right with me or the situation” attitude. By “appreciating” and building on our strengths (whilst being mindful of our weaknesses) we achieve the dream of what we could be. AI also produces a sense of psychological safety at work where people are free to express themselves.


In this interactive and experiential session you will be given a full understanding of both AI so that you will be able to immediately use them in your life and work.



  1. A Positive Revolution in Change: Appreciative Inquiry

  2. AI: History, Definition and Key Principles

  3. AI: the 5 D cycle Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Destiny

  4. Psychological Safety: what are its key components and how can it be used

  5. Understanding and Designing the AI Summit and the AI interview

  6. Getting the AI question right

  7. Appreciative Inquiry in Coaching, Team Development and OD

  8. Conditions for Success When to use AI


  • Understand AI And How It Developed

  • Begin Using AI Immediately In Your Own Life And In Your Work

  • Building A Culture Of Psychological Safety

  • Selecting The Right People For Team Success

  • Experience The Transformative Power Of AI During The Session

  • Discover Your Authentic Facilitation Style

  • Help Your Audiences Successfully Navigate Change

  • Use AI To Manifest The Best In People

  • Create Positive Methods To Drive Innovation

  • Access To An Of A-Z Of AI Tools To Get Started On Your AI Journey



Workshop method will be experiential, interactive, responsive and practical and include: creative learning exercises, group discussions and exercises, individual reflection and self-assessment, behavioural feedback from facilitator and peers, short theory inputs. The workshop is designed to enable participants to understand how they view themselves, others perceive them, and master new skills so that they can transfer the learning directly to improving effectiveness in life and work.


  • Team Leaders who want to improve their team's success

  • Team Facilitators seeking to advance their facilitation skills



Philip Merry: MsC, CSPGlobal, AI certified by David Cooperrider,

Philip has 37 years experience conducting team and  leadership projects in 59 countries and has been using and teaching AI since 1995. Certified in AI by it’s founder - David Cooperrider – Philip was also privileged to have regular sessions for 4 years when David was his PhD supervisor. His Singapore company PMCG works with leading Singapore and global organisations and he is recognised as a leading global leadership and team consultant. Philip challenges teams and leaders to “raise the bar” on their performance by strengthening the mind-sets that drive Whole-Hearted Global Leadership, personal excellence, cultural understanding, self-leadership and engagement for success in a global world. Organisations comment on his high level of skill when working in situations where “people” issues are impacting business results. He has the ability to entertain and put audiences at their ease, and establish a learning climate where people from different cultures feel comfortable to discuss sensitive business issues. Born England Philip has lived in Asia for 31 years, and in Singapore since 1990. He is visiting fellow at Bristol University and Roffey Park Institute and external faculty at Duke University and Lee Kuan Yew School for Public Policy. He was also at one time a London taxi driver.

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